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Who are we?

We are CRASH: Conservationists Raising Awareness for Species & Habitats!

CRASH focuses on making the world a more sustainable place for both endangered species and their habitats. We are diligently working to establish a rescue and research facility in Namibia. Part of our core values includes working to establish legitimate, trustworthy connections with other facilities around the world who are doing groundbreaking work for endangered species.

Our goal is to help as much African wildlife as possible by raising funds which we distribute to the organizations that apply for our help.

There are many amazing organizations around the world focused on helping endangered species and protecting their natural habitats. After realizing what a large “grey area” exists in the world of charitable giving for wildlife, CRASH was founded in 2019 for the purpose of streamlining the process and to add much needed transparency to make it clear how donations are used.

We partner with other organizations in various ways, which may include assisting them with gathering items on their wish lists, providing physical aid, or other necessities. By developing close relationships with our partners, we are able to work together to accurately track the use of incoming funds and ensure that each donation helps as many animals as possible with the minimum amount of overhead expense, waste, or abuse. We conduct site inspections, and collect usage metrics from our partners which enable us to report on the flow of donations through their full lifecycle. Over time, the partners that we know the best, and that meet our highest transparency criteria, will receive a higher proportion of incoming donations.

It is our mission to ensure that funds that have been so generously given are used as intended to help the beautiful animals that need our help.

Top Projects

K9 anti-poaching dogs


This consists of monthly covering the care of our K9 anti-poaching unit's basic food and vetting needs.

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Women's Group in Namibia


We have employed a women's group in Namibia to help bring an income to their families while also getting authentic, handmade Namibian items to sell at our fundraisers.

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Conservationist Team in Namibia


We currently have a team on the ground in Namibia able and ready to take on small scale rescue and rehabilitation missions while we await our proper centre to be built with funds from grants and donations.

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