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Past Events

Pups Against Poaching

October 4 2020

Since covid is still rearing it's ugly head, we decided to make our dog walk social distancing friendly this year! Join us for our virtual dog walk for conservation! Fee:
$35 for one set of doggy gifts
$40 for double doggy gifts
$45 for triple doggy gifts
Each sign up will receive a "doggy bag" filled with goodies for both pups and people alike! To make things more fun, we'll be having a Halloween Costume contest (it will go "live" on the 4th and voting will be open for a week!) winners will get a variety of wonderfully dog-centric themed gifts from our wonderful donors! Dress your dog, yourself, your kids, all of the above! (Most gifts will be for the doggos though) Help us raise funds for our anti-poaching K9, Puma, in a fun filled way! Doggy bags will have a variety of items in it including a bandana for your dog, a shirt for you, and more! We'll reveal other fun items as the day approaches. Interested in sponsoring the event? Let us know.

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Poaching Succs, But Plants Don't!

August 12-19 2020

Join us as we combine forces with The Seaside Succulent to bring you amazing plants (that can be shipped to you!!) all for a good cause. The link will go LIVE on World Elephant Day (12 August) and you can purchase anytime that week!

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Virtual 5K for the 5

July 5 2020

This event is virtual 5K race raising awareness for the 5 species of rhino. People can participate from anywhere! Each participant gets a swag bag that includes a race shirt. Each shirt as an unique "bib" on it and the # on the bib correlates with the amount of animals left in an endangered species, also listed on the shirt. We have two fiscal sponsors for this event, Rhino Services LLC and JYNCreations as well as two groups that donated items for the "swag bags," Havoly and Wildlife Tree. So far, we have been able to raise $2,500 for our causes and there's still time to register!

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Cake Decorating Competition for Conservation

June 21-28 2020

"Cake Decorating Competition for Conservation" is an online event where people create a cake based on an endangered species. From 21 - 28 of June people will be able to vote for their favorite cake on Facebook and the winner will get a prize. This event is hopefully going to raise awareness of various endangered species while engaging a new niche of donors!

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CRASH into Children's Clothes

May 16 2020

"CRASH into Children's Clothes" was an online fundraiser where we partnered with Gillian Asher Boutique to sell various of her handmade children's clothes and donated 15% of each sale to us. While that event has passed, Gillian still has a discount code, "CRASH15", that is good for a 15% discount at checkout AND she donates 15% to CRASH.

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World Pangolin Day - Atlanta

February 15 2020

For World Pangolin Day, 2020, we hosted a fundraiser at the Orpheus Brewing Company in Atlanta, GA. We raffled off a gorgeous painting done by Christina Ward which helped us raise over $400 for our pangolin efforts. This was a low key event with the main focus being to bring awareness to pangolins.

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Silent Auction to Aid Australia Fire Relief

January 16-19 2020

"Silent Auction to Aid Australia Fire Relief" was an online silent auction we ran on our Facebook page. We were able to raise $530 which was all donated to WIRES in Australia to aid in relief efforts for all the animals who lost their homes due to the fires. We want to thank all of the wonderful businesses and artists that donated items to this fundraiser last minute to make it as successful as it was!

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